Professional Services - Human Resources

Labor Law Posters
HR Source is the most efficient and economical solution for your workplace labor and employment law posters!

Affirmative Action Services
Expert guidance from the leading resource on affirmative action compliance!

Benchmarking Surveys
Reliable, accurate, current survey data on compensation, benefits and much more!

Employee and Customer Surveys
We can help to tap the power of your greatest resource...your employees!

Employee Benefits
Your employee benefits challenges and insurance needs can be expertly addressed by the cost-effective source you already trust.

Employee Handbooks
A current, accurate and comprehensive employee handbook is your most valuable HR tool.

HR Check-Up
A free member service!

HR Hotline
A call is all it takes!

HR Support & Special Projects
Have you ever wished for another HR professional who could sit beside you to help tackle your toughest issues? That wish can be granted.

Human Resource Assessment
Minimize risk and maximize value with an expert HR Assessment!

Job Descriptions
The expertise needed to keep your job descriptions current and accurate!

Talent Acquisition & Management
The resources and expert guidance to get the job filled!

Training and Organizational Development
Expert training for your HR staff, management and leadership from the HR experts!

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