2022 Park and Recreation Compensation Survey

This survey is open to members and non-members and requires a unique web link to participate. If you have not received a link and would like to participate, or if you need it resent, please email surveys@hrsource.org or call 800-448-4584. All participants receive a free copy of the results, regardless of membership status.

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About the Survey

This survey is specifically created for the park district and special recreation industry, and will report compensation data for a total of 74 positions covering the areas of Administrative Services, Education, Facilities, Human Resources, Finance, IT, Marketing/Membership, Parks, Recreation, Food & Beverage/Concessions and Rentals.

Earn HRCI Credit for Participating in this Survey
The HR Certification Institute (HRCI) grants one leadership credit per year for participating in compensation or benefit surveys. The leadership category “recognizes the importance of giving back to the profession by contributing your professional knowledge to the community,” according to the HRCI website.

In order for survey participation to qualify, the HRCI requires that the survey be extensive, and excludes short online surveys.  This survey qualifies for credit.

To claim your HRCI credit, follow the directions on the confirmation page after submitting your survey. This page also serves as proof of participation when applying. The HRCI allows one credit per year to be earned by survey participation, in each year of the three-year certification cycle.

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