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According to the Gallup organization, most organizations operate at only 20 percent capacity when they do not understand and use their employees’ innate talents. In 2001, the Gallup Organization introduced the world to the StrengthsFinder® program, and today more than 10 million business executives are benefiting by leading with their strengths.

HR Source can help implement this powerful developmental tool at your organization. Meeting with our Strengths Performance Coach, you can design the program that is right for your organization be it individual coaching, team building or leadership development. Benefits include: 

  • An increased individual awareness of each employees natural talents or “themes”
  • Improved manager communication regarding employees talents and “blind spots”
  • Detailed plans on how to take potential and turn it into improved performance
  • Reduced conflict as team members understand each other better
  • Higher productivity as team members understand how use each other’s’ strength


Contact us at 630.963.7600 or to learn how to bring StrengthsFinder® to your organization.

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