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Lessons from the Trenches: HR War Stories
Many HR professionals have probably uttered the words, “I could write a book,” at some time during their careers. Working in Human Resources exposes us to a vast array of interesting and often unbelievable situations that we wish we could somehow...

Form I-9 Challenges: Remote Workers
In today’s technological world, more and more employers are hiring remote workers. These individuals often work from home, far from any corporate office.

Client Lunches & Non-Exempt Employee
Question: We have a non-exempt employee who runs a complicated machine for us. He is often helpful in explaining processes to clients and working with our engineers on what can and can’t be done.

I Think He Needs Anger Management!
As I was driving to work the other day, I put my turn signal on and was trying to merge into the exit lane, when the car that was several lengths back sped up and cut me off so that I wouldn’t get in front of him.

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