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The I-9 Expertise Quiz: Round 2

Posted on 4/16/2024
Had Ben Franklin lived into the 1980s, I’m sure he would have amended his famous pair of certainties – death and taxes – to include I-9 questions! Please enjoy testing your knowledge of a few more challenging situations.

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Technology Security: Is Your Organization Safe?

Posted on 4/16/2024
Nearly every day you can find a news story about an organization that has suffered a security breach. Just in the past year, Lurie Children’s Hospital, Hyundai Motor Europe, Muscatine Power and Water (serving areas of Iowa), and 23andMe found ...

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Find Talent at the GOA Job Fair

Posted on 4/16/2024
When there are opportunities in the business community that align with our mission to provide resources to help our members become better employers, we share ‘em!

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A Hiring Rubric – How to Create One

Posted on 4/16/2024
Recruiting is like the process of solving a Rubik’s cube. It's a daunting puzzle, but once all the colors are aligned, things come into a better perspective. You post a job opening, collect applications and resumes, and assemble a hiring team.

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