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Trick or Treat? FLSA Salary Threshold Change Imminent

Posted on 9/20/2022
As we’ve previously shared, the Biden administration plans to increase the minimum salary threshold that employers must pay to most exempt employees. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division targeted October 2022 for the release of ...


Easy and Accessible Ways to Retain Top Talent

Posted on 9/20/2022
Check out my guest episode on The Courage of a Leader podcast with Amy Riley, released today. The theme of the program, Easy and Accessible Ways to Retain Top Talent, is one of the most trending HR topics this year.


A Quick Guide to Employment Agreements

Posted on 9/20/2022
To protect their businesses, employers often use various types of employment agreements. However, we’ve found that many HR Source members are unsure of how and when to utilize these agreements. To fill in the blanks, below is a list of the most ...


Meet Upon the Level, and Part Upon the Square

Posted on 9/20/2022
In my dealings in business and life, I strive to be honest and open in my communications. It is the only way to show respect and deference to all. I never want to leave the impression that I have over-promised or under-delivered.

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